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Healing Arts

Serving Nevada COUNTy


Sierra Mind-

Body Wellness

154 Hughes St., Suite #9

Grass Valley, CA


RATES & Payment

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$90 for a one hour session

$110 for Initial Session / hour and a half

$125 for Home Visits - additional

travel fees depend on the distance

Low-income rate gladly given upon request! 


Packages and Gift Certificates available:
6 treatments for only $400!

12 treatment custom programs for $750

Payment accepted by cash, checks,

credit cards, Paypal or Venmo.  


Insurance: I provide Superbills for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Feel free to text, call or email with any inquiries or questions, I'm here for you!

Tel: 831-406-1780




Finding Balance

        In these crazy times it is more important than ever for each of us to come back into balance with our body's innate and natural wisdom - so that we can show up in life's stressful moments with centeredness, presence and vitality.

        Chinese medicine offers a deep yet intuitive system that shows us the way to balance by following the rhythms of nature and listening to the elements within us. The path back to health is already laid out right before us.  

Philips Patton, L.Ac.

Philips Patton attended Stanford University as an undergraduate, and received his degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University.  He is also a certified Yoga Teacher.  He has decades of experience with meditation (training as a monk at Tassajara and Green Gulch Farm), and with Qi Gong, an energy art with which he healed himself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 


His unique and gentle hands-on approach incorporates acupressure, energy work, and relaxation to facilitate deep healing.  He specializes in Pain Relief and recovery from Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue and other Chronic Illnesses.



         Through gentle touch, the busy mind quiets and the body drops down into a deep state of healing.  Although Chinese Medicine is most famous for its acupuncture needles (and they are undeniably powerful), Acupressure activates the same points and channels but in a less invasive way, which is particularly appropriate for sensitive individuals, those with particularly guarded muscle pain, and those who appreciate the soothing hands-on attention. 


         Philips will also often commonly incorporate gentle massage techniques from the Tui Na tradition, as well as energetic balancing.


        There's a reason why Chinese medical doctors have become widely known simply as Acupuncturists: because the needles are such a powerful tool! 


         By performing micro-trauma to specific tissues, the body's natural immune response is activated and redirected, releasing pain-killing endorphins far more powerful than opiods, calming the fight-or-flight pathways of the sympathetic nervous system, releasing tense or knotted muscles and fascia, and promoting the smooth flow of energy and blood throughout the body. 

       Acupuncture needles are smaller and thinner than a single strand of hair. They can sometimes produce a pricking feeling upon insertion - or a tingling, electrical sensation when they really activate!  But the treatment should be pain free - and the patient's comfort is always our highest priority.



         As powerful as a once or twice-a-week healing session can be, the quality of your health is actually determined by the things you do every day.  Especially what you put into your mouth.

         That's why diet & nutritional consultation is an important part of almost every session, and why taking home herbal supplements can literally change your life, especially when recovering from chronic illness.  From turmeric to reduce inflammation, ginger to stoke your digestion, reishi for immune system support, to ginseng for energy and vitality, the power of Chinese medicinals is now widely recognized.  Yet they are so powerful, so are best utilized under care of a trained professional who can use their qualities (hot & cold, spicy & bitter, sweet and salty) to balance your body's elements.

Energetic Balancing


         Certified as a Medical Qi Gong practitioner and meditation instructor, trained as a Reiki Master, and student of the Five Element school of acupuncture, Philips Patton brings a deep, subtle understanding to every treatment.  Each of us processes stress and emotions in a unique way... if they are not released in a healthy fashion they are held in the muscles and tissues of our body, eventually accumulating and causing blockages, which lead to illness. 


         Do you feel tight in your chest, like you can't quite take a full breath?  Do you ever get so frustrated you get a headache?  Are your shoulders perpetually tense?  Are you ever gripped with fear, indecision or worry?  Each of these is actually an elemental imbalance (metal, wood, water, earth or fire).  By going deeper with this elemental understanding, we can liberate ourselves from our old patterns and release those blockages to become more balanced.  Welcome to the amazing world of Elemental Healing!    

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